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Month: October 2006


I signed up with Virgin Comics to write a 5 issue series called “INDIA AUTHENTIC” which retells/reimagines the iconic myths and legends of India for an international audience.

The series shall hit the stands sometime in June / July 2007.

I am pretty pumped up about this and have started work on the first few books in the series. Watch this space for more details. :)

Man Who Hated Sunsets Accepted in KIOSKO / Albatross #1

A short 3 page practice script I wrote called “Man Who Hated Sunsets” was illustrated by Miguel Santos and it got accepted into the KIOSKO WEB Anthology ALBATROSS #1.

The story is based on an Australian folk song titled “Exiles Lament” and was something I wrote initialy as a poem and then sort of adapted it to the comic format.