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Month: March 2007

Adventures of Fufu (featuring 'Tupid Barroo) #1 aka Shameless Cat Blogging

This is a comic strip i made with fotos of my cats fufu and baroo just for the heck of it.

It was first posted on my old blog.

click on the images for hires view. enjoy :D

Page 1

Page 2

India Authentic #2 / Kaali becomes Staff Pick for Diamond Previews (April 07)

India Authentic #2 / Kaali has been listed as a staff pick at Diamond Previews. You can view it at this link

in other news yay! I got my first wikipedia entry and India Authentic has its own entry now too.

Please help make the India Authentic entry more fleshed out by contributing to it.

Thanks and till next time..


Forbidden Planet Entries for DEVI #11 and India Authentic #1 / Ganesha

Quick ego googling (i.e. googling your own name :) ) revealed these listings on Forbidden Planet, a UK based comic book site.

DEVI #11
India Authentic#1 / Ganesha

Ron Marz Talks Virgin Comics

Ron Marz (WITCHBLADE / TopCow, THE PATH / CrossGen, SOJOURN / CrossGen, SAMURAI : HEAVEN and EARTH / Dark Horse, GREEN LANTERN / DC) speaks about his upcoming stint on Virgin Comics as editor of the SHAKTI line that includes SADHU, DEVI and RAMAYAN 3K.

He is my editor for SADHU and DEVI and so far it has been a great experience working with Ron who brings enormous amount of experience to the table and is very patient with a greenhorn like me who more often than not botches things up biting more than he can chew :D

BTW, even though he does not mention me by name, I am alluded to as the “writer from the exotic land of massachussets:D

You can read the full text of his interview here

India Authentic #1 / Ganesha featured in a french comics site

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a mail in my inbox the other day which was sent as a comment to the previous post detailing the previews for my upcoming Virgin Comics titles.

I am one that believes that great stories have no national boundaries and have an identity / resonance all their own. This was a pleasantly reassuring confirmation of my posit. :)

On Sunday, March 4, 2007, 09:41 PM, Marv, a reader from France writes:

Congratulations! I’m impatient to know some more about the Indian culture while reading comics!

I used these images on, the best French site on comics (news, previews, reviews, forums, etc.).

Its the place where India Authentic: Ganeshas comic French fans will come to talk ! ^^

Take care,
Marv, a French reader.

Thanks marv :) and glad to know that the world is indeed flat :D

The article (in French) can be read here

India Authentic / Ganesha shall hit the stands on 9th May 2007. you can view the Diamond Preview URL here.