INDIA AUTHENTIC #1 / Ganesha Review Thread

I have created this thread to link to various reviews of the book as i discover them. I love google alerts 😀

BTW, If you intrepid reader chance upon a review or news item or blog post mentioning/reviewing/blasting INDIA AUTHENTIC, please add the link here in comments and I shall update the main article with the link and a finder’s credit 😀

— item 1 —
Yay! Discovered the first review for INDIA AUTHENTIC #1 / GANESHA. It was reviewed by David “D3” Martindale at Scroll on all the way down it is the last piece reviewed. It is surprisingly positive.

Excerpts from the review

Not a bad read at all. The book tells the origin of a Hindu god. I cant personally attest to its authenticity, but having a title that includes the word authentic at least leads me to believe that its claiming some level of authenticity. The painty art fits in very well with the classic feel of this Indian fable, and the writer gives the characters convincingly divine voices. It lacks a bit in excitement and feels a bit slow at times, but overall, this done in one issue is worth a read especially if you have any interest in the Hindu pantheon.

Head on over to the ComicPants Page to read the full review

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INDIA AUTHENTIC #1 / GANESHA has made the recommended list of walking man comics at CBG Xtra.

——— item 3 ———
Matthew McLean posted a review of IA #1 / Ganesha at Silver Bullet Comics. SBC review.

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——– item 6 ————–

A review from Savage Critics blog blasting IA #1 as Dissapointingly Awful🙁

—– item 7 ———————-

A Review from ComixFan. They give IA #1/Ganesha 4 out of 5.

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