DEVI #12 / AHWAAN Released today (5th July 2007)

DEVI #12 / AHWAAN (The Call) released today (5th July 2007). This issue has Tara Mehta, the DEVI incarnate, tackling the more mundane world of organized crime with her divine combat skills. Features a cover by Tony Shasteen and art is by Saumin Patel.

DEVI #12

Written by: Saurav Mohapatra, Art by: Saumin Patel; Cover by: Tony Shasteen Editor : Ron Marz

She is Tara Mehta, avatar of the DEVI, a celestial warrior who hosts the essence of an entire pantheon. Forever torn between the divine and the human, she has found some semblance of peace in devoting herself to making a better world. But all that is about to change. As ancient specters of Armageddon awaken from their slumber, and the countdown to a final cataclysm begins, Tara comes face to face with her most formidable opponent: herself.

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