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Month: August 2007 gives INDIA AUTHENTIC 5 out of 5 stars :D in a recent review has given the INDIA AUTHENTIC series 5 out of 5 stars. You can read the review here.

Excerpted from the review

True mythic wonder to surpass any mortal special effects is packed into the one-issue stories of the recently-started India Authentic series. These spotlight one deity per issue in a kind of Secret Origins for the living spirits of Hinduism, aspiring to give readers the straight story of forces and personas that are elaborated on for modern fictional purposes in many of Virgins other books. Though this ones a kind of primer on a religious belief, the lore of India is readymade for the sword-and-sorcery sensibility, and the atmospheric, mystical art well conveys otherworldly figures in dreamlike landscapes. The biggest surprise is the way the tales are personalized, usually through narration by witnesses whose identity or role remains a surprise until the end and puts a poignant human-interest spin on the clashes of titans the books mostly concern. Its a big pantheon, so India Authentic has as promising a future as it has a rich mythic history to draw on.

Well that’s the good news :D but the bad news is the reviewer does not like the way DEVI #11 and #12 have shaped up a lot though. Them’s the breaks.

Soft Targets

A couple of days ago the indian city of Hyderabad was rocked by two explosions caused by bombs going off in a crowded open air theater and a busy market. As of now though no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings, all fingers point to outlawed terrorist group(s).

India has been no stranger to bomb attacks we had a major one that rocked the city of Mumbai in ’93 (very well documented in the movie Black Friday, follow up blasts a couple of years back and recently blasts in hyderabad mosque and Benaras temples.

I usually try to keep my blog posts free of socio-political themes, but today i feel like writing this piece. The piece is not about the bombings per se but about a comment posted by someone on the NDTV news item covering the story. The news item was one of the early breaking stories and last night around 11:30 pm EST when I checked it there was a lone comment posted by someone named Bengaluru, new name of the city of Bangalore, that made me feel offended and outraged at the same time.

If NDTV has not removed it yet you can find it as the first comment posted on the page 1 of comments.

I wish this incident would have happened in Bengaluru. I am born and bought up in Bengaluru and I see lot of people are coming, especially from North India, Bengaluru has become worst. I wish there should be a bomb blast or Earth Quake in Bengaluru in which thousands of people should die, who are especially in Flats.

Posted by: Bengaluru on 26 Aug, 07

It took me a day to calm down after reading this. After dipping deep into my reserves of eloquence and the english language I finally have a response for this guy.

“F*ck You!”

I mean what’s wrong with this guy (I use the term in the most gender neutral sense)? Daddy didn’t love him as a kid? Mom made him wait in line for breastfeeding? or did the pollution finally get to his head?

I seriously hope that this is a prank, cause it just ain’t right to say such things. First of all in case the #$%^&er didn’t notice it or could not comprehend it people died and here (s)he is wishing for the same to happen in another city? how wrong is that.

I don’t have a witty repartee to this nor will I try cracking a joke at this. Somethings are just left as is. My heart goes out those who lost loved ones in the blasts. I lived in Hyderabad for nearly a year from Feb ’06-Feb’07 and let me tell you it is the epitome of a nice little city-town where people are warm towards you and it still has not reached the stagnation / pollution levels of a metropolis like Mumbai or Delhi.

If you feel outraged at this take some time to mail to NDTV

not to ask them to remove the comment but to publish the IP/Identity of the comment logger. Because it is very easy to post something like this from behind the anonymity of the web. Let the dude come out in public and say something like this.

Monkeying around with the Rush Hours 3 Trailer

Rush Hour 3 Trailer site has a feature where you can add your own subtitles to the movie.

Here is my effort. In case it does not play below click here

Outsourcing vs. Superheroes

I recently had a story published in “A Thousand Faces”, a journal of metahuman fiction. It was a short story titled “Truth, Justice, The American Way and B.P.O” which imagines a world where Superhero work has been outsourced to BRIC countries leaving erstwhile american superheroes jobless. I used pastiches of the DC superheroes like Superman and Batman.

There is an interesting discussion going on about it at this forum

You can read the story here.

Do jump in and give your two cents on the topic.

SDCC photos

I uploaded the SDCC photos I have including the Jenna Jameson one :D to my facebook profile.

This one here is one with my hero (errr.. anti hero) Warren Elis :)

here is the jenna group shot (god! that sounds so bleeeeeeeehhhh. :D)


Over at the CBGXtra forums INDIA AUTHENTIC has been making “Matt’s Picks” every issue. This is what Matt Levin (Walking Man comics) has to say about the series in his latest post.

India Authentic is a one-issue biography of a Hindu (please correct me if this’s wrong–!) deity; each’s been sumptuously drawn, and, remarkably well-written given the brevity of a one-issue story. I am hoping to see a one issue story that brings all the characters presented so far, to interact together.
If that happens, this will become far more than the attractive, well-written, one-issue bio-mag it is with four issues.

You can read his entire post here

Leah Moore (Albion, Wild Girls) has this to say about INDIA AUTHENTIC

just wanted to drop by and say congratulations on the India Authentic comics, i bought both of them and loved them so much. me and my husband were really interested in Ganesha and Kali anyway, but your comic has totally blown us away.

Her post can be read here

Thanks Matt and Leah for your encouraging words.

The Silent Ones #1 – "The Sadhu" Saga continues

The new SADHU miniseries “The Silent Ones” hit the stores last Wednesday (8th Aug). It picks up from where SADHU #8 left off and begins with James at the Kumbh Mela coming face to face with an evil cult of Demon Sadhus. It takes James Jensen, the British soldier in 19th century india who became a Sadhu deeper and deeper into the mystical landscape of India.

The series is written by your truly, has art by artist Manikandan and is edited by Ron Marz. the cover is by Brian Stelfreeze.

Even if I say so myself, the art looks gorgeous. As has become a sort of a ritual for me, I drove down to my LCS That’s Entertainment in Worcester ( and bought a copy. The art on the printed page looks even better than the digital previews I had seen from the studio. Just flip through it and I think you’ll love the linework and the colors.

Look out especially for the two page spreads (one at the beginning showing the Kumbh Mela and one in the middle showing the fight scene between James and the cult). :)

If you come across reviews or news articles related to SADHU: SILENT ONES, please add the link as a comment to this post or email me using the CONTACT ME link.

Worklog / Release Schedule for Aug '07

Just wrapped up DEVI #14 and Sadhu Silent Ones #2. Starting with the beat sheets for DEVI #15 and SADHU #3 along with the script for INDIA AUTHENTIC #6 : NARASIMHA.

Release Schedule for August


click for hires click for hires click for hires


AUG 22 – DEVI #13

click for hires click for hires click for hires

Photos From SDCC '07

Yay! Finally the photos have started trickling in… Here is the one with Mike Carey (LUCIFER, NEVERWHERE)

For the story behind the photo click here

Holy Diploid Chromosomes, Batman!!!!

Okay! a bit of personal news. There is a new addition coming soon to the Mohapatra family as my wife Preeti and I are expecting our first baby in February. If the doctor’s predicition is right, the baby’ll be born on Feb 6th 2008 (Thus sharing my birthday :D).

We recently heard the fetal heartbeat at the doc’s and trust me it is the greatest feeling of my life yet :). Click on the little button below for a 10 second recording of the 8 week fetal heartbeat.

Anyways feeling pretty kicked about the prospect of another Aquarian in my house and a prospective comic fan / customer :D Have already started reading comic books to the kid :D

Currently on the reading list:

b) Neil Gaiman’s “The Day I swapped my dad for two goldfish”

Next week is intended to be a Dr. Seuss week.

So happy days ahead.

PS: My wife seems to have developed super powers of smell. Now I can’t even cop a smoke here and there as I used to for the last few years, cause she smells it from miles away :(