Okay! a bit of personal news. There is a new addition coming soon to the Mohapatra family as my wife Preeti and I are expecting our first baby in February. If the doctor’s predicition is right, the baby’ll be born on Feb 6th 2008 (Thus sharing my birthday :D).

We recently heard the fetal heartbeat at the doc’s and trust me it is the greatest feeling of my life yet :). Click on the little button below for a 10 second recording of the 8 week fetal heartbeat.

Anyways feeling pretty kicked about the prospect of another Aquarian in my house and a prospective comic fan / customer :D Have already started reading comic books to the kid :D

Currently on the reading list:

b) Neil Gaiman’s “The Day I swapped my dad for two goldfish”

Next week is intended to be a Dr. Seuss week.

So happy days ahead.

PS: My wife seems to have developed super powers of smell. Now I can’t even cop a smoke here and there as I used to for the last few years, cause she smells it from miles away :(