Over at the CBGXtra forums INDIA AUTHENTIC has been making “Matt’s Picks” every issue. This is what Matt Levin (Walking Man comics) has to say about the series in his latest post.

India Authentic is a one-issue biography of a Hindu (please correct me if this’s wrong–!) deity; each’s been sumptuously drawn, and, remarkably well-written given the brevity of a one-issue story. I am hoping to see a one issue story that brings all the characters presented so far, to interact together.
If that happens, this will become far more than the attractive, well-written, one-issue bio-mag it is with four issues.

You can read his entire post here

Leah Moore (Albion, Wild Girls) has this to say about INDIA AUTHENTIC

just wanted to drop by and say congratulations on the India Authentic comics, i bought both of them and loved them so much. me and my husband were really interested in Ganesha and Kali anyway, but your comic has totally blown us away.

Her post can be read here

Thanks Matt and Leah for your encouraging words.

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