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Month: October 2007


[digg-reddit-me]Okay hard at work on my three series plus some more goodies to come/be revealed later ;-)

DEVI #17

Plus have started work on two hush hush projects ;-) will update more about those soon-ish.


Hmmm… Upgrades :)

Okie doks intrepid readers. Welcome to 4.0.

I just finished the upgrade to WordPress from Simple PHP Blog cause I was worried about performance and security. Simple PHP Blog served me well but lately I see traffic increasing and one of my other sites got hacked into a phishing site. So had some time on my hands and voila! We have the new improved

I managed to import the posts but sadly could not get the comments out. :( ah! them’s the breaks. so anyways just wanted to say welcome to my new site and now back to the grind … SADHU #4 script needs to be completed this weekend.



DEVI next arc covers sneak peek

whew! The DEVI arc Karmageddon (#11-#15) is done. Saumin is hard at work on DEVI #15 as i posted earlier and that looks awesome.

We got some of the hottest artists on the block today to do some covers for DEVI next arc (#16-#20). (Yeah! I’m doing that one too :) ).

First up is DEVI #16 and #17 covers by Luke Ross (SAMURAI : HEAVEN and EARTH).

DEVI #16

DEVI #17

For the next cover we have Eric Basaldua (WITCHBLADE / WOLVERINE, TOMB RAIDER). Tell me this does not look twenty kinds of hot :D

DEVI #18

So if you are not doing so already, do pick up DEVI and give it a whirl.

Updates ahoy!!!!

whew! man talk about being swamped. September flew by and we are halfway through October now.

anyways Sadhu : The Silent Ones #2 and India Authentic #5 / Shiva are out as of 10th Oct 2007.

Now the big news :

DEEPAK CHOPRA presents INDIA AUTHENTIC VOL 1. BOOK OF SHIVA (ISBN-10: 1934413089 / ISBN-13: 978-1934413081) collecting #1-5 of the series is going to hit the stands on 17th Oct 2007. So swing by your comic book store and pick up a copy (btw, i think BORDERS is also going to carry copies so check there too :) ).

DEVI #14 also comes out that day … Just one more issue left in the KARMAGEDDON arc after this and from what i have seen of the #15 thumbnails so far, it rocks big time. lot of stuff getting blown up and DEVI is going to change forever.

If you don;t believe me take a look at the cover image and draw your own conclusions. (Cover is by Luke Ross (SAMURAI : HEAVEN & EARTH). Click on the image for a hires version.

so go buy the books and help feed the oompa loompas that live in my keyboard and write my stories :D.

Silent Rain

A City Sleeps
Darkness falls

Wisps of hope
Mist of dreams

Silent night
Silent rains

Someone weeps
remembers yesterday

Another sleeps
Dreams of tomorrow