Hmmm… Upgrades :)

Okie doks intrepid readers. Welcome to 4.0.

I just finished the upgrade to WordPress from Simple PHP Blog cause I was worried about performance and security. Simple PHP Blog served me well but lately I see traffic increasing and one of my other sites got hacked into a phishing site. So had some time on my hands and voila! We have the new improved

I managed to import the posts but sadly could not get the comments out. 🙁 ah! them’s the breaks. so anyways just wanted to say welcome to my new site and now back to the grind … SADHU #4 script needs to be completed this weekend.



2 Replies to “Hmmm… Upgrades :)”

  1. like the new design…very clean….alsothe orange box on LHS top…..maybe that can be made more human…anthromorphical or something like that…i still remember the ice cream truck thing you had suggested for another project …:-)

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