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Month: November 2007

Interview with India New England

I was recently interviewed by DAVE MORAN for INDIA-NEW ENGLAND. Here is the link to the published interview.

Here is the short url :

that redirects to the actual article

INDIA AUTHENTIC VOL 1. TPB available at and Borders

Yesterday was a kicker. I went to my neighbourhood BORDERS and was thrilled to find a couple of copies of DEEPAK CHOPRA presents INDIA AUTHENTIC Vol 1. BOOK OF SHIVA in the Graphic Novel section. Icing on the cake was my name right on the front page with Deepak Chopra’s. It was an exhilarating moment to share cover space with such a big name.

INDIA AUTHENTIC vol 1. is also available for purchase from

So if you are stuck for a gift idea this holiday season, click on the link above and buy INDIA AUTHENTIC TPB… The gift that keeps on giving :D

Comic Book Resources coverage of India Authentic

Comic Book Resources ( covered [digg-reddit-me]”India Authentic” series from Virgin Comics. Even though I might not be the best of objective observers in this case ;-), but I do feel it is a great writeup that touches the core vision of the “India Authentic” project. Read more about it here (