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Month: February 2008

Eagle Award Nominations are on

The Eage Awards nominations are on at, if you liked INDIA AUTHENTIC, do vote for it in the graphic novel categories.

You can type in the name “INDIA AUTHENTIC” in the text box even though it does not feature in the drop down list. Some suggested categories, Favourite New Comicbook, Favourite Comics Story published during 2007.

Since it is for 2007 i think india authentic first 5 issues should fit the bill nicely.

go ahead, vote for INDIA AUTHENTIC.


Thanks for the response folks, INDIA AUTHENTIC now shows up in the drop drown list for Favorite New Comicbook. Spread the word and thanks for voting. :)

India Authentic #8 – Garuda Review

Bruce Logan has reviewed IA#8 Garuda at Here is the link to the review

Reviewer gives it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

DEVI 17 Review at

DEVI 17 Review has been posted at (Formerly Silver Bullet Comic Books).

The reviewer gives it 4 out of 5 stars.

Back to the grind and Jimmy Zhingchak FTW

Okay, first of all personal updates:

On Feb 6th my daughter Adya was born and last couple weeks have been spent in adapting to fatherhood and perfecting premeptive diaper change techniques. :)

On the work front things have been slow. Apart from my regular monthlies DEVI and INDIA AUTHENTIC, there are three one-shots that I’m working on with Virgin Comics all coming out first half this year. As of now one of them has been solicited for an April 2008 release and for now that’s the only one I can talk about :P

I am working with legendary Indian comic book artist Anupam Sinha, creator of Super Commando Dhruva for a project titled JIMMY ZHINGCHAK : AGENT OF D.I.S.C.O.

Below are the details for the book


Jimmy zhingchak
Grab your white polyester bell-bottom jumpsuit, slap on your platform shoes and switch on the disco ball! Virgin Comics is going to take you on a trip in the wayback machine into the la la land of ’80s Bollywood!When Truth, Justice and the Indian Way is threatened by the vile designs of an evil “phoren” megalomaniac sulking in his island fortress with a perverse fondness for Cabaret, Cuban cigars with Martinis, and a hatred for all things DISCO, the fate of the world – Nay! The fate of the entire civilized universe! – rests on the shoulders of young disco-dancing super agent, Jimmy Zhingchak. Armed with a license to thrill, will Jimmy boogie on into the sunset or will he stumble and crumble against Sir John Firang’s evil machinations?Be prepared to be dazzled with glitter, glamor, cliches and of course bad hairdos or as Jimmy would put it “Aieeee Saala.

The project is a full timepass spoof and homage to the 80’s bollywood DISCO zeitgeist made so popular by iconic figures like Mithun chakraborty and Bhappi Lahiri. I promise you it’s funny as hell too with cliches and plot holes galore.

so Aieee Saalaaaa wait up for Jimmy Z boggeying on your way.