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Month: May 2008

Interview by Venetia Ansell of "Sanskrit Literature"

I was recently interviewed by Venetia Ansell, who runs the “Sanskrit Literature” blog, about India Authentic and the retelling of ancient Indian myths for a new generation.

Here’s the link to the full interview.

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Sequential Tart Interview

I was recently interviewed by Rebecca Buchanan of Sequential Tart. Here is the link to the interview.

NYCC documentary

While attending NYCC ’08, I was approached by Luis Medina, a filmmaker who was making a documentary about [sic] “People of color in comics”. While I made my views clear on that “classification” (the only part that made it into the final cut is at 02:06 on the video), it was kind of interesting to discuss about the role of race/ethinicty in the kind of stories we tell.

I stand by the views I expressed in the documentary i.e. a writer is not defined as an Indian writer or a latin american writer or a caucasian writer. There are good writers and then there are bad writers. :)

Watch it with an open mind and hope you enjoy it.

Video Link

India Authentic review at Beliefnet

A review of the India Authentic vol 2. is up at

An excerpt from the review

What makes [INDIA AUTHENTIC] so effective and impressive is that these gods and near-immortals exhibit very human concerns. In fact, many of the stories allow the pictures to “breathe”–to dominate the space of the page–as the reader is exposed to the protagonists’ thoughts. Inner monologue is not something I commonly associate with sacred stories; we never get inside either Moses’ head as he leads Isaac up to the sacrifice or Jesus’ thoughts on Judas or Mary Magdelene. “India Authentic” takes readers inside the super-humans who still seem identifiably human-like.

Nevertheless, each story operates in a sort of god-logic (or, maybe more precisely, Hindu theo-logic), where devotion, will, or ethic leads to a transcendent resolution. These are not Aesop’s Fables with some simple moral to convey. Instead, “India Authentic” demonstrates universal themes refracted through Hinduism–both pictorial introductions and everyday reminders.

Full Review

Buy India Authentic @ :

(India Authentic Vol 1 – Book of Shiva)

(India Authentic Vol 2)

Comic Book Resources coverage of Graven Images

Comic Book Resources has put up a nice coverage of the Graven Images conference held at BU on the weekend of 13th April exploring religion in comics and graphic fiction.

The article contributed by Dave Moran can be read here