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Month: July 2008

Mumbai Macguffin out in stores today (30Jul2008)

Mumbai Macguffin – a 48 page one shot I wrote is out in stands today. It’s a fun action-comedy title about a CIA spy tracking a downed spy sattelite through the underbelly of Mumbai. It’s my first Mature rated title — so a lot of cussing both in chaste mumbaiya hindi and english ;-)

The story has a crazy mix of russian mobsters, a cult led by a figure called Sky Baba, a gangster named Fukku Bhai…. you get the idea… Shantaram meets Snatch :P

Anyways here is the comixology snippet on the book.

BTW, if you live near Worcester, MA, you can pick up the copies of the book signed by me from the shelf at That’s Entertainment.

How Green …

a blog post that intersects my life as a techie and comic book writer.

Benny Lava day photos

Back from SDCC '08

Just reached home. This time the conn was a bit depressing for me for various reasons, most prominently being away from my daughter Adya. But some cool stuff did happen, will post more as it crystallizes into something worthwhile :)

Meanwhile thanks to AD Lewis, I have two photos from SDCC.

SDCC '08

SDCC '08 (at ASP booth)

Left To Right : Mark Smylie, Tom Pinchuk, Me, Kaushik Pal


Call for Papers – Graven Images / N.E.M.L.A.

As per A Dave Lewis ( compere extraordinaire and author of Lone and Level Sands, Some New Kind of Slaughter), Call for papers / abstracts dealing with Religion and Spirituality vis-a-vis Comic Books/Graphic Novels for not one, but two events are now open.

First up is the call for papers for the companion volume to  the Graven Images conference and the second is for

“Reclaiming the Comic Book Canon” – 40th Anniversary Convention, Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) to be held in Boston from Feb. 26-March 1, 200.

Here are the detailed guidelines for submitting papers / abstracts



a lovely blog post about India Authentic

Google Alerts popped up a link to this blog post about India Authentic vol 1. Book of Shiva.

Benny Lava day @ SDCC (25th Friday)

By the power vested in my by the armored pundits and people who put the goat in there, I have hereby declared July 25th  (fri) at San Diego Comic-con ’08 as BENNY LAVA DAY. For those who came in late here is a look at “Benny Lava”.

Video Link
(in case you can’t see the embedded video above)

So if you are going to be at SDCC on Friday, join me in this ode to Minor Bun Engines, Pooping Oliver and Your broter Ed who loves to be inside, wearing a Benny Lava T-Shirt. Take your pick at CafePress and proudly flaunt your Benny Lava look. ( Looks like Zazzle also stocks Benny Lava stuff).

I’m in no way related to the folks selling the fine Benny Lava merchandise nor do I endorse them, I’m just another benny lava fan looking to spread the word.

Mail me your photos at mohaps AT gmail DOT com, videos and I’ll put them up here.

Help us spread the word, use this banner on your page

Benny Lava Day

Just copy paste this code into your webpage
<a href="" mce_href="" title="Benny Lava Day"><img src="" mce_src="" alt="Benny Lava Day" width="430" border="0" /></a>


Can’t stop the signal. :)

G. Willow Wilson ( CAIRO, AIR ) has posted about Benny Lava Day on Standard Attrition — the Vertigo creators’ group blog.

Thanks Willow. May Benny Lava bless you with a finesse reserved for the looniest of buns. :P


A Dave Lewis (LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, SOME NEW KIND OF SLAUGHTER) has also pitched in to promote Benny Lava Day on his blog.

Thanks A Dave — May you ninjas forever make their movements.

Animal Man – TPB Haul

I recently noticed that my local comic book store (That’s Entertainment in Worcester, MA) had a huge sale of TPB’s and other comics at great prices. So I purchased a bushel-load of TPB’s and been reading them for the whole of last week.

Just finished reading ANIMAL MAN : DEUS EX MACHINA by Grant Morisson and it  was great reading. Also managed to purchase on book I had been searching for a long time the JLA + AUTHORITY Crossover written by Warren Elis.

Moving on to  The Invisibles and Ex Machina now.

HeavyGlow Anthology

My first ever published short story was a flash fiction piece for an e-zine called Heavy Glow edited by Stacy Taylor. I really enjoyed writing small less than 750 word pieces for Heavy Glow and also wrote/drew a serial graphic short/web comic strip (gritty b/w crime/noir shorts) for them. In short, I had a whale of a time. Stacy was very kind and helpful with critiques and encouragement and I really relished writing/drawing these shorts.

Now looks like some of the stories have been published in an anthology called “Heavy Glow Flash Fiction – 2 years of burning brightly” on It features some of my earlier short short stories (including one called PALINDROME which was a word prompt “story in reverse” contest winner and is one of my personal favorites).

Here are some excerpts from a review of the anthology about my HeavyGlow stories.

“Recharge” by Saurav Mohapatra – oh, I’ve been there done that. Very well done. The author perfectly captures a momentous moment in one’s life.

“The Unborn” by Saurav Mohapatra – this story gorgeously and heartbreakingly captures pivotal moments in an unborn life. This one hurt.

“Palindrome” by Saurav Mohapatra - inventive prompt results in an outstanding tale of broken trust.

Lulu Listing : HeavyGlow Flash Fiction: Two Years Burning Brightly (BUY) (REVIEW)