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Month: August 2008

Gruntled and Illusioned #1 – "Disk Space OK"

Hi there,

Welcome to the first iteration of “Gruntled and Illusioned” – part webcomic + part anecdotes = full time nerd humor. Today’s story:

A secretary had just completed a memo and was having problems saving it. “Do you have enough space?” asked the local computer expert.

“Oh sure,” she replied. “I’ve got a message that says ‘Disk space OK.'”

The computer expert looked over her shoulder, and sure enough there was the message:

    Disk space: OK.

Then he deleted some files and the message read “Disk space: 4K.” After a few more deletions the message read “Disk space: 32K,” and she was able to save her memo.

Breakeven Analysis Wizard for Comic Book Self Publishers

Lately I have been interested in the nuts and bolts so to say of the comic book publication business. I found a simple but very nice data model for breakeven analysis on digital webbing forums posted by Stephen Smirl.

So in my spare time I decided to create a web based wizard for that model. I hacked up a quick and dirty version using Google Web Toolkit and it can be viewed at

It’s butt ugly, but functional :)

Do use it and let me know your comments, crits and feedback.

Whiskey and Masala Dosa – The Quick Gun Murugan saga comes to the big screen

Way before Benny Lava …. Much before Zhingchak… Gaudy Heroism had a patron saint… his name :
Quick Gun Murugan. :)

what started off as this

has become this (finally!!! :P )

Quick Gun Murugan – The Motion Picture coming soon to a screen near you.

ComicsBulletin Review of Mumbai Macguffin

ComicsBulletin has posted a review of Mumbai Macguffin.

fun, like a summertime action flick.

Site Upgrade

I did a WordPress upgrade today. If you accessed the site between 11:15 AM EST – 11:30 AM EST on 12th Aug 2008 and got some weird stuff in your browser, I apologize for that.

New WordPress version seems to be rocking … so far :P

Jimmy Zhingchak is now a quiz question :)

As per fellow IIT KGP alumnus Pankaj Sethi, who pointed me to :