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Month: December 2008

The once and future worklog

Ever since the “Liquification” of Virgin Comics things have been a bit light on the writing front. So I decided to take some time off to focus more on life especially my daughter, Adya.

I just sent in a script for a graphic novel commisioned by an indian publisher about the legend of Abhimanyu from the Mahabharata. So I end 2008 with a clean slate.

What’s in store for 2009?

Well there’s Mumbai Confidential , my creator owned crime-noir series set in the city of Mumbai (duh!). :P Also have started putting together a few pitches as the conn season opens with NYCC in first week Feb ’09. There is a full length OGN project called SYZYGY that was in discussion with Archaia Studio Press around last SDCC, but in light of the restructuring there decided to wait till things settle down before bugging Mark Smylie (owner of ASP and all around awesome guy!) with it. So first half of 2009 will see that in full swing too.

There pitches and feelers/schmoozes pending with some other companies, which hopefully will translate into gigs in 2009.

So all in looking forward to a fruitful 2009 and while I’m at it — a happy new year to you and yours.

Snikt, baby! Wolverine trailer on

No talk, let’s fight!

For the plugin impaired, here is a direct link

Mumbai Confidential

Mumbai Confidential logoI’ve started collaborating with Sid Kotian (EAT THE DEAD, THE STRANDED) on a crime noir comic book set in Mumbai called MUMBAI CONFIDENTIAL. We just got the blog/site online at Site is still under construction, will update it with some fantastic pencils/inks Sid has sent in, soon-ish.

The one that got away :(

West Coast Customs presents RYDERS

West Coast Customs presents RYDERS

Towards the last days of Virgin Comics (now reborn as Liquid Comics), I was working on a pretty interesting project — a one shot titled RYDERS based on a license from West Coast Customs (of Pimp My Ride fame from MTV).

It was a kicker of a project to work on. I wrote a story about a near future America where much of the country is a barren wasteland after a cataclysmic nuclear strike by rogue nations. The population survives in huge fortified city states, where in order to keep them docile any form of ownership of private vehicles is denied by law.

Ryders is the story of a bunch of vehicular vigilantes who defy the status quo and become the law in the wastelands. They ultimately come head to head with the city states and thus begins the great muscle car rebellion :)

I wanted to get a Mad Max/Road Warrior meets Serenity kind of vibe for the story and the art by Dean Hyrapiet (Snake Woman, Virulents, Voodoo Child) was amazing.

Sadly, I don’t know if it ever came out or not. Well, them’s the breaks. Here is the comixology listing.

Meet me at the corner of Life and Work :)

Dimdim - meet freely

I usually keep my work bits out of this personal page, but today I feel like making an exception. It is a great feeling when something you made is used by people you really care about, as I found out when talking to my father the other day.

My father used dimdim and loved it. Here is the blog post I wrote.