The Human Promise

Around six or seven centuries ago there lived in Italy a man by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci. He was many things – an artist, mechanical engineer, philosopher, scientists, sculptor, architect, accomplished writer .. the list goes on and on. He is one of the historical personalities I adore the most.

For Leonardo represents in the fullest what the Human Promise is. It is something that has been million years in the making. It started with perhaps an ape who realized he could get inside hard to reach anthills by inserting a long twig into it and has made the journey from discovery of fire to the wheel to agriculture to cities to rocket ships and computers. The Human Promise is the story of a journey where the destination does not matter.

In each of us there are capabilities the first and foremost of which is reason. We also have passion, the rawest of emotions. Both are equal contributors to the journey and its eventual unfolding.

We are always faced with choices not necessarily of our making as to what or who we shall be and the choices mold us into the persons we become. Choices like the crossroads litter the path and we zig and zag at each juncture not knowing what lies ahead.

One day we wake up and find we have become the exact duplicate of what we deplored earlier in the road. Perhaps that is the way of the world. Perhaps that is just us giving up our dreams in the name of compromise, who knows. The only certain thing about the journey is the road one has walked.

The future is forever achanging and the road twists and turns into the hazy mists that lie ahead. It is the real test of being human as to how we choose to tread into the unknown. Do we forever compromise based on tradition and the footsteps of those who have walked before us or do we boldly charge down the paths less travelled.

Each approach has its positives and negatives. Whatever the choice we make does not lessen the promise each of us carry as the culmination of a billion years of evolution.

We are the pinnacle of a process that is as old as the universe itself.. Next time you are faced with a choice in your life.. ask yourself one thing…

“the path you are about to take… does it bring you closer to what you really are.. or does it lead to further “compromises” …”

but once you have taken the step.. always remember..

“think before you step… but once you have trodden a path.. have no regrets..”

for the road of life is a one way street… it only goes forward…

so learn from your mistakes and make the “right” choice next time

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