Saurav Mohapatra

I was born in 1978 in Khurda, a small town in Orissa, India. I went to school in Khurda and Bhubaneswar and then finished my Bachelor’s of Technology (with Honors, mind you 🙂 )from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. I live with my family of two kids, two cats and one ( 🙁 ) wife in San Mateo, CA.


I am a freelance writer. I mostly do comic books and screenwriting. I have also published short stories and flash fiction pieces. Lately I have started working on my novel :).

My credit’s include Shekhar Kapur’s DEVI, SADHU and Deepak Chopra presents INDIA AUTHENTIC. I also wrote two one shots JIMMY ZHINGHCAK (current under development as a motion picture by UTV SpotBoy) and MUMBAI MACGUFFIN. I’m always open for possible collaboration with other creative professionals and i can be reached via the contact page or at mohaps AT gmail DOT com.

My first creator-owned graphic novel “MUMBAI CONFIDENTIAL” is now available from ComiXology as a digital serial and as a hardcover paperback from ARCHAIA.

My Publication History can be viewed here and my comics / gaphic novel work can be found here.


I am the Co-founder of a start-up called dimdim, the world’s free web conference company 🙂 for which I am currently employed as Director of Technology. In Jan 2011, Dimdim was acquired by and I relocated to Salesforce HQ in San Francisco. After nearly three years with Salesforce, I left sunny California for snowy Massachusetts and now I live near Boston, MA.

I hold three provisional patents for Web Services based management framework from my previous job with CA.

I also like to play cricket and softball.

I used to be very active in the indie game development scene and was particularly involved with the irrlicht 3d engine and have received an author credit for it.

In case you are interested in such stuff, here is my bio in third person that I usually submit with my stories…

Saurav Mohapatra lives in San Mateo, CA with his family and two mutant kittens “Foo” and “Bar”. He is currently planning summary world domination via a really cunning plan which somehow involves kitty litter, chicken mesh wire and the indian rope trick. In between he writes stuff mostly grocery lists, comics and some fiction (couple of which have been accepted for publication).

The photograph supplied in this page is free for use as per GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 (GFDL) . Here is the download link