NYCC Schedule

Well, conn season is around the corner. I’ll be at NYCC on 7th Feb 2009 whole day. Taking the train in the morning and coming back that same night. In case anyone wants to meet my cell is 774 242 7422.

Back from SDCC '08

Just reached home. This time the conn was a bit depressing for me for various reasons, most prominently being away from my daughter Adya. But some cool stuff did happen, will post more as it crystallizes into something worthwhile 🙂

Meanwhile thanks to AD Lewis, I have two photos from SDCC.

SDCC '08

SDCC '08 (at ASP booth)

Left To Right : Mark Smylie, Tom Pinchuk, Me, Kaushik Pal

Call for Papers – Graven Images / N.E.M.L.A.

As per A Dave Lewis ( compere extraordinaire and author of Lone and Level Sands, Some New Kind of Slaughter), Call for papers / abstracts dealing with Religion and Spirituality vis-a-vis Comic Books/Graphic Novels for not one, but two events are now open.

First up is the call for papers for the companion volume to  the Graven Images conference and the second is for

“Reclaiming the Comic Book Canon” – 40th Anniversary Convention, Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) to be held in Boston from Feb. 26-March 1, 200.

Here are the detailed guidelines for submitting papers / abstracts



Benny Lava day @ SDCC (25th Friday)

By the power vested in my by the armored pundits and people who put the goat in there, I have hereby declared July 25th  (fri) at San Diego Comic-con ’08 as BENNY LAVA DAY. For those who came in late here is a look at “Benny Lava”.

Video Link
(in case you can’t see the embedded video above)

So if you are going to be at SDCC on Friday, join me in this ode to Minor Bun Engines, Pooping Oliver and Your broter Ed who loves to be inside, wearing a Benny Lava T-Shirt. Take your pick at CafePress and proudly flaunt your Benny Lava look. ( Looks like Zazzle also stocks Benny Lava stuff).

I’m in no way related to the folks selling the fine Benny Lava merchandise nor do I endorse them, I’m just another benny lava fan looking to spread the word.

Mail me your photos at mohaps AT gmail DOT com, videos and I’ll put them up here.

Help us spread the word, use this banner on your page

Benny Lava Day

Just copy paste this code into your webpage
<a href="" mce_href="" title="Benny Lava Day"><img src="" mce_src="" alt="Benny Lava Day" width="430" border="0" /></a>


Can’t stop the signal. 🙂

G. Willow Wilson ( CAIRO, AIR ) has posted about Benny Lava Day on Standard Attrition — the Vertigo creators’ group blog.

Thanks Willow. May Benny Lava bless you with a finesse reserved for the looniest of buns. 😛


A Dave Lewis (LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, SOME NEW KIND OF SLAUGHTER) has also pitched in to promote Benny Lava Day on his blog.

Thanks A Dave — May you ninjas forever make their movements.

NYCC documentary

While attending NYCC ’08, I was approached by Luis Medina, a filmmaker who was making a documentary about [sic] “People of color in comics”. While I made my views clear on that “classification” (the only part that made it into the final cut is at 02:06 on the video), it was kind of interesting to discuss about the role of race/ethinicty in the kind of stories we tell.

I stand by the views I expressed in the documentary i.e. a writer is not defined as an Indian writer or a latin american writer or a caucasian writer. There are good writers and then there are bad writers. 🙂

Watch it with an open mind and hope you enjoy it.

Video Link

NYCC Panel Video

The full video of the NYCC ’08 Panel on Our Gods Wear Spandex.

Panel at New York Comic Con on April 19, 2008 on the topic of Christopher Knowles’ book Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes. Moderated by A. Davis Lewis, panelists include Christopher Knowles, Testament creator Douglas Rushkoff, Cairo author G. Willow Wilson, Virgin Comics writer Saurav Mohapatra and DC Comics legend Denny O’Neil. Panel discusses the archetypes of comic book superheroes, their function in modern culture and the future of the genre. Questions are also taken from the audience.

NOTE: I had a slip of tonuge and said “Holden McNeil” . I meant “Holden Caulfield”. You have been warned 🙂

NYCC Panel "Our Gods Wear Spandex" on 19th Apr (Sat)

I shall be at NYCC whole day on 19th April (saturday) and in the evening I shall be on the panel “Our Gods Wear Spandex – secret history of superheroes” with Chris Knowles (the author), G. Willow Wilson (CAIRO) and Douglas Rushkoff (TESTAMENT). The panel is moderated by A. Dave Lewis (Lone and Level Sands, Some New Kind of Slaughter).

Panel Details from PW Beat:

**A. David Lewis, hot on the heels of his Graven Images conference (, will be moderating a panel on Saturday, Apr 19 at 5 p.m. in room 1E02. It’s a discussion of Chris Knowles’s book Our Gods Wear Spandex. G. Willow Wilson will be on the panel with Dave, along with Douglas Rushkoff (Testament) and Denny O’Neil.

Looking forward to it 🙂

"Graven Images" and "Graphically Religious"

Yay! Attended the “Religion in Comics” panel hosted by BU as part of their “Graven Images” conference yesterday. Had a whale of a time with fellow panelists Mark Smylie (writer – ARTESIA, Publisher – ASP comics), G Willow Wilson (CAIRO), Steve Ross (writer/artist – MARKED). The panel was moderated by A. Dave Lewis (writer – LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, SOME NEW KIND OF SLAUGHTER).

We had a pretty hearty discussion about how religion is portrayed in comic books and the challenges that lie in writing comics with religious and spiritual themes. One of the most interesting parts of the conference was getting to know about the reaction to India authentic in academic circles. It makes all my efforts worthwhile when people walk up to meand tell him that they really liked the INDIA AUTHENTIC stories and that it is being made into required reading in south asian studies programs 🙂 (details to come).

Later that day, I attended my first ever signing at the BU Barnes and Noble where we continued our earlier discussion in more casual setting as part of the “Graphically Religious” author meet at B&N. Here is a photo from the signing (more to come).

Barnes and Noble signing
From left to right: Dave, Your truly, Willow, Steve and Mark
Graven Images panel at BU
From left to right: Me, Mark (photo courtsey : Dave Moran)
Graven Images panel at BU
From left to right: Willow, Dave, Me, Steve and Mark (photo courtsey : Dave Moran)