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Read Mumbai Macguffin for Free

Liquid Comics has put their back catalog (most of it) on and you can read Mumbai Macguffin for free.

Mumbai Macguffin is sort of like Three Days of Condor meets Slumdog Millionaire meets Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels :P
Enjoy! :)

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=091002150526-d3c8d2b355254f7cb5ad7fffb8cc798c docname=mm_lrc username=LiquidComics loadinginfotext=MUMBAI%20MACGUFFIN width=420 height=646 unit=px]


Writer: Saurav Mohapatra
Artist: Saumin Patel


A high-octane adventure through the never-before-seen underbelly of Mumbai, ace CIA operative Ike Flint finds himself out of his element and out of his depth when tasked with recovering a downed NSA satellite deep within the biggest slum in Asia. None of his experience can prepare him for the wild and dangerous characters his salvage uncovers: a wheelchair-riding gangster kingpin hooked on John Wayne westerns; a brilliant bar dancer who can solve calculus problems before breakfast; a trigger-happy cop who shoots criminals with the same nonchalance as if he were grocery shopping; a religious cult that will do anything to protect its phallic totem; and a crack team of Jihadists searching for the very thing Ike is seeking.

Mumbai Confidential 3 Page preview

I just posted a 3 page preview of the awesome art Vivek Shinde has drawn for Mumbai Confidential (a creator owned crime noir graphic novel by yours truly and Vivek).

Click here for the post on

Lil' Mutha

My contribution to the Pink Chaddi campaign aka “A Consortium of Pub-going, loose and forward women”. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lil’ Mutha – kid cassanova



My contribution to the pink chaddi campaign - a character cal... on TwitPic

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Gruntled and Illusioned #2 – Adaptation

Two billygoats were eating a can of movie reel. One said to the other, “I liked the book better”. :P

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Sharukh Khan's new movie "My Name is Khan" and Asperger's Syndrome

SRK’s new movie is aparently about a man suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. Well looks like Bollywood is finally looking beyond the “do bhai the bicchad gaye” cliches.


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Adya's Birthday

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Testing post by mail

Testing posterous by mail. This is a really cool service

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Trying out Posterous

Trying out

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Oh my god, you're punching me! — New Nine Panel Grid column online

Latest installment of Nine Panel Grid at Comics Waiting Room –

Know when to walk away… :)


India Authentic #11 – Hanuman has gone to press and I’m mighty pleased with the visuals. The cover is by Dean R Hyrapiet (Voodoo Child, Virulents) and the art is by Swapnil. Here is a preview from the comic which hits the stands on 26th March 2008 as per solicits. These are three splashes from the beginning, middle and end of the book.

Here is the solicit text for the book

Created by: Deepak Chopra,
Written by: Saurav Mohapatra,
Art and Cover by: Virgin Studios

A mere mention of his name is said to put fear in the hearts of the mightiest demons. It is said that the chant of his name protects one from the vilest of evil spirits. He is a god unlike any other. Born with the body of an ape, but a heart as large as a hundred suns, blessed with the strength to move mountains, leap across oceans and fly faster than the swiftest of birds. From the pages of the great Indian epic, Ramayana, Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra as part of the path-breaking India Authentic series, bring to you the tale of a god who is both scholar and warrior; one whose name is synonymous with devotion and humility.

This is the legend of mighty Hanuman, son of the wind, slayer of demons and devoted ally of Rama, the warrior prince!

India Authentic vol II TPB collecting issues 6-10 has also gone to print and i think it is either already available or will be soon available for purchase at your neighbourhood comic book store.

Click the thumbs for hi-res images.

The images and India Authentic are copyright of Virgin Comics

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