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Some of my stuff is free to read online and I thought it’d be nice to put all the links up right here in one page for handy reference. If you wish to see some other portfolio samples, please do contact me.

List of free comics after the jump:

read free online digital comics

  1. [NEW] THE SADHU – THE SILENT ONES a 5 issue miniseries about a British soldier who wanders colonial India as a mystic warrior forever torn between his duty as a sadhu to follow the path of enlightenment and the the fires of vengeance that burn within him to avenge his dead wife and child [more]

  1. MUMBAI MACGUFFIN action-comedy about a CIA spy searching for a downed satellite in the flea markets of Mumbai [more]

  1. INDIA AUTHENTIC One shots about Myths and Legends of India [more]

  1. THE WITCH & THE WARRIOR Frank Frazetta homage (done for Chitrakatha Online) [more]

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