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Oodles of Doodles :)

Continuing with the quick doodles, lately I’ve been sketching some of my favorite hindi films/chars/scenes. :)


Freeze Frame – Quick Sketches of Gangs of Wasseypur [UPDATED]

Gangs of Wasseypur doodles with characters and iconic lines :D All done from trailer freeze frames as reference.

Ramadhir Singh

Ramadhir Singh

Faizal Khan

Faizal Khan

J.P. Singh

JP Singh



Sardar Khan


"Definite" Khan


Enjoy!!! :)

Quick Doodle – Favorite Authors/Favorite Quotes “John Steinbeck,Hunter S. Thompson and Ayn Rand”

John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath were among the first few books I read in English and I’ve always admired how Steinbeck delivered a sermon without having to get on the pulpit. :) One of the greatest chroniclers of the human condition.

Hunter S. Thompson

One word: Gonzo! I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Rum Diary back to back, and fell in love with the reckless abandon in Thompson’s writing. To me it felt sort of was like watching Jackson Pollock paint with a firehose full of paint or a 50 calibre paintball gun. :D

Ayn Rand

The Anthem is a severely underrated book. It was the second Ayn Rand book I read after reading We, The Living. Later on, I read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. But for me, the best work of Ayn Rand will always be The Night of Janurary 16th.

New sketch

guess what? another b/w doodle. :)


drawn from photo ref of Koena Mitra

Femme Fatale doodle redux

After trying out a couple of stark/high contrast b/w drawings (this and this), this time decided to play with some color and textures.

another doodle

continuing from here, here’s another one.

drawn from photo reference of the actress Dia Mirza. Something in the face/composition of the photo inspired me.

Dia Mirza

Femme Fatale – Noir doodle

As you can see from my previous doodles, i love the stark b/w contrast based noir art. Mostly they have been tough guys with guns :). So this time for a change I decided to draw the other noir staple, a femme fatale. As usual this one is drawn from a photo reference.

Femme Fatale