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Worklog update

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post. Just been busy. Not too many gigs to speak of. Most in progress are stuck with artists. One interesting bit though, just now putting finishing touches on a short story commisioned for an anthology based ona  favorite character of mine. Will post more details as soon as I’m allowed to.

In other news, got my San Diego reservations done. Looking forward to it.

 Some new Nine Panel Grid columns are also online at

K.I.S.S. Me a Purple One – new 9PG panel online

A new Nine Panel Grid Column about Over-writing and Purple Prose is online at

About Nine Panel Grid:

9PG is an infrequent column I write about the art and craft of writing in general and comics in particular.

Mukesh Singh interview

Comics Waiting Room (vol. 3 / issue 19)

Comics Waiting Room (vol. 3 / issue 19)

I recently did an interview with Mukesh Singh (DEVI, Gamekeeper, Shadow Hunter) for Comics Waiting Room.

Mukesh was the artist for issues 1-5 of DEVI for Virgin comics and then moved on to Gamekeeper and Shadow Hunter. He was a Russ Manning award nominee for promising newcomer artist at San Diego Comic-Con 2008.

Currently he is working on the concept art for the MBX webisodes scripted by Grant Morisson.

On a personal note, even though I never directly worked with him, I’m a big fan of his work and believe that the comics world will be hearing more of his name in the near future.

The interview is online now and can be read here.

Nine Panel Grid


Nine Panel Grid

I write a (very infrequent, but that’s going to change :) ) column for Comics Waiting Room called Nine Panel Grid. I just posted the fifth installment of that titled “22 Pages of Doom“. 9PG is an attempt to share whatever I learned from exploring the craft of writing comic books as a writer starting out.

You can read all the [digg-reddit-me] posts here.