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[Doodle] Nana Patekar (Ab Tak Chhappan) homage

One of my favorite crime movies (and a major inspiration for Mumbai Confidential) has been “Ab Tak Chhappan” (Translation: 56 Till now) .

So this doodle is a homage to Encounter specialist Sadhu Agashe played by Nana Patekar. (Done from a photo ref, from the publicity stills for the movie).

About Mumbai Confidential

Mumbai Confidential is a crime noir comic book series created by writer Saurav Mohapatra (DEVI, SADHU, MUMBAI MACGUFFIN, INDIA AUTHENTIC, JIMMY ZHINGCHAK) and artist Vivek Shinde (PROJECT: KALKI, SNAKEWOMAN) set in (of course!) the Indian city of Mumbai.

New sketch

guess what? another b/w doodle. :)


drawn from photo ref of Koena Mitra

Femme Fatale doodle redux

After trying out a couple of stark/high contrast b/w drawings (this and this), this time decided to play with some color and textures.

another doodle

continuing from here, here’s another one.

drawn from photo reference of the actress Dia Mirza. Something in the face/composition of the photo inspired me.

Dia Mirza

Femme Fatale – Noir doodle

As you can see from my previous doodles, i love the stark b/w contrast based noir art. Mostly they have been tough guys with guns :). So this time for a change I decided to draw the other noir staple, a femme fatale. As usual this one is drawn from a photo reference.

Femme Fatale

More Toughguys with guns

I just can’t stop drawing these