More Zhingchak

BhappidaWell, Jimmy Zhingchak seems to be doing quite a boogey these days :). Looks like there is a market after all for 80’s DISCO. Yeah behveee and aiee saala and all that.

It’s kinda a kicker for me since Jimmy Zhingchak (even the word Zhingchak itself) harks back to a simpler more ….ummm… zhinghcakier time from 1995-99, the four best years of my life spent in the rockingest place on earth…. IIT Kharagpur 😛Sumo Sama

Jimmy was born after too many idle nights of desi tharra (5 bucks a pouch from the dhaba by the national highway :P) and of course shyamal special pudias induced lying on the rooftop connecting stars playing connect the dots type of thing.

Idle minds they say are the devil’s workshop 🙂

Anyways nostalgia later…

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Don Muthusami may have died in the water but there are people who still love a shinier, happier time when Mithun Chakraborty ruled. Sri Lankan singer MIA’s disco ball-laden Jimmy Jimmy is not the only tribute. Virgin Comics is about to release a new comic with a superhero called Jimmy Zhingchak, Agent Of D.I.S.C.O. The superhero has Mithun’s trademark clothes, walk and a great line in cheesy patter. And Jimmy will be released in the US soon. Hey, what about us?

Bollywood Hungama / IndiaFM coverage:

Confirming the news with Bollywood Hungama, COO of UTV Spotboy, Vikas Bahl informs, “Basically, the idea of releasing a comic book based on a famous Bollywood character came up after having a look at the current scenario of comic books which are targeting small kids or have sci-fi theme. So, we thought of something out of the box and came out with the book that features the character Jimmy who plays a fighter on the disco floor.”