Site Upgrade

I did a WordPress upgrade today. If you accessed the site between 11:15 AM EST – 11:30 AM EST on 12th Aug 2008 and got some weird stuff in your browser, I apologize for that.

New WordPress version seems to be rocking … so far 😛

Hmmm… Upgrades :)

Okie doks intrepid readers. Welcome to 4.0.

I just finished the upgrade to WordPress from Simple PHP Blog cause I was worried about performance and security. Simple PHP Blog served me well but lately I see traffic increasing and one of my other sites got hacked into a phishing site. So had some time on my hands and voila! We have the new improved

I managed to import the posts but sadly could not get the comments out. 🙁 ah! them’s the breaks. so anyways just wanted to say welcome to my new site and now back to the grind … SADHU #4 script needs to be completed this weekend.