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Mukesh Singh interview

Comics Waiting Room (vol. 3 / issue 19)

Comics Waiting Room (vol. 3 / issue 19)

I recently did an interview with Mukesh Singh (DEVI, Gamekeeper, Shadow Hunter) for Comics Waiting Room.

Mukesh was the artist for issues 1-5 of DEVI for Virgin comics and then moved on to Gamekeeper and Shadow Hunter. He was a Russ Manning award nominee for promising newcomer artist at San Diego Comic-Con 2008.

Currently he is working on the concept art for the MBX webisodes scripted by Grant Morisson.

On a personal note, even though I never directly worked with him, I’m a big fan of his work and believe that the comics world will be hearing more of his name in the near future.

The interview is online now and can be read here.

Mumbai Macguffin behind the scenes :)

KRATHA by Saumin Patel
KRATHA by Saumin Patel

Saumin Patel, my collaborator on Mumbai Macguffin and Devi has posted a lot of the behind the scenes type artwork showing the evolution of the concept visually. Do check it out at his blog/portfolio site –

He also has the art of one of my favorite DEVI stories (the KRATHA short from DEVI #11). Scroll down to see it.

ComicsBulletin Review of Mumbai Macguffin

ComicsBulletin has posted a review of Mumbai Macguffin.

fun, like a summertime action flick.

Jimmy Zhingchak is now a quiz question :)

As per fellow IIT KGP alumnus Pankaj Sethi, who pointed me to :

Mumbai Macguffin out in stores today (30Jul2008)

Mumbai Macguffin – a 48 page one shot I wrote is out in stands today. It’s a fun action-comedy title about a CIA spy tracking a downed spy sattelite through the underbelly of Mumbai. It’s my first Mature rated title — so a lot of cussing both in chaste mumbaiya hindi and english ;-)

The story has a crazy mix of russian mobsters, a cult led by a figure called Sky Baba, a gangster named Fukku Bhai…. you get the idea… Shantaram meets Snatch :P

Anyways here is the comixology snippet on the book.

BTW, if you live near Worcester, MA, you can pick up the copies of the book signed by me from the shelf at That’s Entertainment.

Back from SDCC '08

Just reached home. This time the conn was a bit depressing for me for various reasons, most prominently being away from my daughter Adya. But some cool stuff did happen, will post more as it crystallizes into something worthwhile :)

Meanwhile thanks to AD Lewis, I have two photos from SDCC.

SDCC '08

SDCC '08 (at ASP booth)

Left To Right : Mark Smylie, Tom Pinchuk, Me, Kaushik Pal

a lovely blog post about India Authentic

Google Alerts popped up a link to this blog post about India Authentic vol 1. Book of Shiva.

DEVI vol 4 (#16-20) TPB out

DEVI TPB vol 4[digg-reddit-me]I received my comp copy of DEVI vol 4 TPB collecting issues 16-20 of Virgin Comics’ DEVI (created by Shekhar Kapur and your truly as writer) in the mail yesterday. It feature a cover by Luke Ross (SAMURAI : HEAVEN and EARTH). G. Willow Wilson (CAIRO, AIR) was kind enough to write a warm foreword. (Thanks, Willow!).

It should be available in comic book stores and shall be available for purchase at and other retailers soon. In the meanwhile it can be purchased from the Virgin Comics Store

CNN/IBN on Jimmy Zhingchak – Agent of D.I.S.C.O.

More zhingchak… this time from CNN/IBN.

Full Story

Here is the Video Link on AOL video.

Excerpt from the article

Bring out the bell bottoms, pump up the disco music and prepare for a blast from the past – Jimmy Zhingchak-Agent of Disco is the latest superhero to dance his way into a graphic novel by UTV Spotboy and Virgin Comics.

Filmy clichés abound in this tongue-in-cheek comic series that has Jimmy right out of a 80’s Bollywood masala flick.

So you have the quintessential villain Sir John, the old mother a la Nirupa Roy and then you have the dialogues that defined Bollywood in the 70’s and the 80’s. And best of all, Jimmy’s weapons of choice are his disco moves, just like a certain Mithun Chakraborty who has written the foreword.

Now, I ain’t one to crib (much), but would be nice to have an itty bitty mention somewhere in all this deluge of Zhingchak Euphoria.

D.I.S.C.O. in the D.N.A.

DNA (Daily News and Analysis) has posted a nice article about Jimmy Zhingchak – Agent of D.I.S.C.O. (thankfully they got the name right and it’s not typo’d as Jimmy Zhinchak :) ).

 Full Article Text

Excerpt from the article :

The comic is replete with other Hindi film references, dialogues and situations: Mithun’s sidekick-turned-girlfriend is Agent Mala D; his nemesis is Sir John (who looks like the villain from the film Ram Lakhan) and Jimmy even has a separated-at-birth brother, Johnny.

Hindi film stars are ideal comic book material, says founder-president of Virgin Comics Suresh Seetharaman, because they are already larger-than-life.

[Vikas] Bahl  [COO / UTV SpotBoy] says his organisation is going the other way and has an eye on the Mithun comic’s “extendability” into other media. “We would like to follow up the comic with a motion picture, a TV show, an animation series and maybe even a game,” he adds.

Bless you DNA and may the zhingchak be with you! :)

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