220 Volts AC

I have started a new blog at Sulekha.com at the above URL for just writing about stuff as I am on a year long sabaticcal in India. I quit my job in the states and moved back to India for a year or so, to think about life and what i want to do next.

Please do visit “220 Volts AC” and be sure to leave your feedback there.

Due to network connectivity issues, I might not be updating this blog frequently … however i do try to post daily on http://220volts.sulekha.com

One of my posts titled “The Fifteen Marks Answer” was selected as a “Featured Post” on Sulekha.com

and in other news … one of my stories called “DEATH BY ANY OTHER DAME” , a norish take on the vampire story was accepted into the May 2006 issue of “THE HARROW”, an award winning horror and dark fantasy magazine ( http://www.theharrow.com ) and another story titled “NOCTURNES OF INFINITY” made it to the final list of 25 for “NORTH OF INFINITY III” anthology to be published by Mosaic Press. Waiting with bated breath for the final word on that.. which is due towards the end of september.

Link: http://220volts.sulekha.com

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