India Authentic #1 / Ganesha featured in a french comics site

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a mail in my inbox the other day which was sent as a comment to the previous post detailing the previews for my upcoming Virgin Comics titles.

I am one that believes that great stories have no national boundaries and have an identity / resonance all their own. This was a pleasantly reassuring confirmation of my posit. 🙂

On Sunday, March 4, 2007, 09:41 PM, Marv, a reader from France writes:

Congratulations! I’m impatient to know some more about the Indian culture while reading comics!

I used these images on, the best French site on comics (news, previews, reviews, forums, etc.).

Its the place where India Authentic: Ganeshas comic French fans will come to talk ! ^^

Take care,
Marv, a French reader.

Thanks marv 🙂 and glad to know that the world is indeed flat 😀

The article (in French) can be read here

India Authentic / Ganesha shall hit the stands on 9th May 2007. you can view the Diamond Preview URL here.

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