Damn you Warren Ellis ( for making Transmetropolitan so goddamn addictive :D )

nope this is NOT an april’s fool day prank. I spent the last three days running back and forth to the shrewsbury public library trying to return and rent TRANSMETROPOLITAN tpb’s since they have a max. two books by author limit.

TRANSMETROPOLITAN imho simply Ellis at his acerbic best. It hit me hard, i mean literally. You know sometimes after you have read or watched something, you get that feeling in your gut like Muhammed Ali just rammed his fist into your guts?

Last time I had that feeling was when I had watched the movie THE INSIDER by Michael Mann starring Russel Crowe, that one made me quit ciggies for three whole days.

Transmetropolitan is a work so sublime and powerful that it really makes you think… It is something that should be made required reading as soon as a kid makes the age for the mature book, but then that would go against everything the book stands for.

To sum up, Transmetropolitan is the epitome of the manic anarchism that seems to peek through every single one of Ellis’s works, but this time he manages to fire away with all cyllinder’s blazing.

PS: I read TPB’s 1-8 and am desperately hunting the system for the last 2 (9 and 10 in case you are from spider jerusalem’s world and have not received the trait for basic arithmetic :D)


I have managed to secure the 9th and 10th issues of TRANSMET from my library and boy! the ending is SPECTA-FREAKIN CULAR.

Warren Ellis, your mental amps go all the way to eleven!

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