DEVI #11 / Ateeta in stores today ( 23 May 2007)

DEVI #11 / Ateeta (The Past) is in stores today. This is my first issue for Virgin Comics flagship title DEVI and kicks of a new story arc called “KARMAGEDDON“. This is a good jumping on point for new readers if you have not yet read DEVI #1-10, though you should definitely check out Samit Basu‘s run on DEVI just for some kickass storytelling and Mukesh Singh‘s mind blowing art.

The issue features art by series regular Saumin Patel and also by Edison George and Sid Kotian.

This is also the first of the Virgin titles edited by Ron Marz.

Do go out and grab a copy and let me know how you felt about it. I shall post links to reviews and stuff as and when I find them on the web. If you do happen to find some add comments to this post or use the Contact Me page to drop me a line.

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