INDIA AUTHENTIC #2 KALI is out on the stands today. It features the legend of the primal facet of the indian mother goddess and contains some real kickass art by ABHISHEK SINGH (RAMAYAN 3K/Virgin). So what are you waiting for go out and grab your copy and support your favorite starving writer. 😀

This was in fact the first script I ever wrote for Virgin Comics. So it is pretty special for me. As usual do send me the comments and crits (also if you run across any reviews, news items and such on the www) via the contact me link on this site OR post comments on this one.

Since I am too lazy to start another topic I am using this space to also publish this bit of news. 😀

DRAGONSLAYER online at ComicSpace galleries

In other news, I uploaded my first ever published piece
DRAGONSLAYER in full (all seven pages) to my ComicSpace gallery. Check it out here

I don’t know why but DRAGONSLAYER always reminded me of KALI. The story of DRAGONSLAYER is about a battered wife who endures brutal spousal rape and creates a fictional reality to escape from her tragic reality. It was published in VAULT OF TERROR from OPEN BOOK PRESS in JUN 2006.

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