Back from Comic-Con International '07 San Diego

I just returned from 4 days at Comic-Con ’07 in San Diego. It was my first time at SD and it was a great experience.

I mostly hung around at the Virgin comics booth and went out and got in lines for some signings. Both Gotham and Sharad were kind enough to bear me hanging around the booth like a third wheel :). I met Deepak Chopra who signed a copy of INDIA AUTHENTIC for me.

Among others I got my copy of Queen & Country TPB signed by Greg Rucka, got signed copies of Witchblade and Cyberforce from Ron Marz at Top Cow. Since my wife is a big Tick fan and we both love TOP 10, got signed copies from Ben Edlund and Zander Canon. Picked up a ton of books, but th emost promising so far has been WASTELAND from Oni Press. Antony and Christopher the creators were kind enough to sign a copy. I also picked up TALES FROMA FARM by JEFF LAMIERE which was a very good read.

Met with G. Willow Wilson, long time e-friend finally. Willow has a graphic novel named CAIRO coming up from VERTIGO and she was kind enough to give me a signed galley copy. I read that on my long journey home and it blew me away. Watch out for CAIRO in november, it is definitely worth watching out for.

Thanks to Dheeraj Verma I was able to get the elusive Warren Elis autograph 🙂 at Avatar booth. Also got my photo snapped with Jena Jameson, who is doing a comic book called SHADOW HUNTER with Virgin.

The high point though was meeting Mike Carey. I am a long time LUCIFER fan and the way INDIA AUTHENTIC #1 GANESHA is told was inspired by a story called STITCHGLASS SLIDE in Mike’s most excellent LUCIFER run. When I told him that, the nice guy that is Mike asked me for a signed copy of Ganesha :D.

I mean there are nice guys and then there are nice guys. It was great pump up for me. Thanks Mike. 🙂

I’ll be posting some pictures soon of my trip. Right now back to the grind with INDIA AUTHENTIC new arc start, SADHU #3 and DEVI #15.

Watch out for SADHU Silent Ones and DEVI #13 coming to a store near you pretty soon.

till then


update: managed to find one photo 😀 I forgot to get my camera for the trip. so now at the mercy of friends and their upload schedules.

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