gives INDIA AUTHENTIC 5 out of 5 stars :D in a recent review has given the INDIA AUTHENTIC series 5 out of 5 stars. You can read the review here.

Excerpted from the review

True mythic wonder to surpass any mortal special effects is packed into the one-issue stories of the recently-started India Authentic series. These spotlight one deity per issue in a kind of Secret Origins for the living spirits of Hinduism, aspiring to give readers the straight story of forces and personas that are elaborated on for modern fictional purposes in many of Virgins other books. Though this ones a kind of primer on a religious belief, the lore of India is readymade for the sword-and-sorcery sensibility, and the atmospheric, mystical art well conveys otherworldly figures in dreamlike landscapes. The biggest surprise is the way the tales are personalized, usually through narration by witnesses whose identity or role remains a surprise until the end and puts a poignant human-interest spin on the clashes of titans the books mostly concern. Its a big pantheon, so India Authentic has as promising a future as it has a rich mythic history to draw on.

Well that’s the good news 😀 but the bad news is the reviewer does not like the way DEVI #11 and #12 have shaped up a lot though. Them’s the breaks.

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