Soft Targets

A couple of days ago the indian city of Hyderabad was rocked by two explosions caused by bombs going off in a crowded open air theater and a busy market. As of now though no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings, all fingers point to outlawed terrorist group(s).

India has been no stranger to bomb attacks we had a major one that rocked the city of Mumbai in ’93 (very well documented in the movie Black Friday, follow up blasts a couple of years back and recently blasts in hyderabad mosque and Benaras temples.

I usually try to keep my blog posts free of socio-political themes, but today i feel like writing this piece. The piece is not about the bombings per se but about a comment posted by someone on the NDTV news item covering the story. The news item was one of the early breaking stories and last night around 11:30 pm EST when I checked it there was a lone comment posted by someone named Bengaluru, new name of the city of Bangalore, that made me feel offended and outraged at the same time.

If NDTV has not removed it yet you can find it as the first comment posted on the page 1 of comments.

I wish this incident would have happened in Bengaluru. I am born and bought up in Bengaluru and I see lot of people are coming, especially from North India, Bengaluru has become worst. I wish there should be a bomb blast or Earth Quake in Bengaluru in which thousands of people should die, who are especially in Flats.

Posted by: Bengaluru on 26 Aug, 07

It took me a day to calm down after reading this. After dipping deep into my reserves of eloquence and the english language I finally have a response for this guy.

“F*ck You!”

I mean what’s wrong with this guy (I use the term in the most gender neutral sense)? Daddy didn’t love him as a kid? Mom made him wait in line for breastfeeding? or did the pollution finally get to his head?

I seriously hope that this is a prank, cause it just ain’t right to say such things. First of all in case the #$%^&er didn’t notice it or could not comprehend it people died and here (s)he is wishing for the same to happen in another city? how wrong is that.

I don’t have a witty repartee to this nor will I try cracking a joke at this. Somethings are just left as is. My heart goes out those who lost loved ones in the blasts. I lived in Hyderabad for nearly a year from Feb ’06-Feb’07 and let me tell you it is the epitome of a nice little city-town where people are warm towards you and it still has not reached the stagnation / pollution levels of a metropolis like Mumbai or Delhi.

If you feel outraged at this take some time to mail to NDTV

not to ask them to remove the comment but to publish the IP/Identity of the comment logger. Because it is very easy to post something like this from behind the anonymity of the web. Let the dude come out in public and say something like this.

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