The Silent Ones #1 – "The Sadhu" Saga continues

The new SADHU miniseries “The Silent Ones” hit the stores last Wednesday (8th Aug). It picks up from where SADHU #8 left off and begins with James at the Kumbh Mela coming face to face with an evil cult of Demon Sadhus. It takes James Jensen, the British soldier in 19th century india who became a Sadhu deeper and deeper into the mystical landscape of India.

The series is written by your truly, has art by artist Manikandan and is edited by Ron Marz. the cover is by Brian Stelfreeze.

Even if I say so myself, the art looks gorgeous. As has become a sort of a ritual for me, I drove down to my LCS That’s Entertainment in Worcester ( and bought a copy. The art on the printed page looks even better than the digital previews I had seen from the studio. Just flip through it and I think you’ll love the linework and the colors.

Look out especially for the two page spreads (one at the beginning showing the Kumbh Mela and one in the middle showing the fight scene between James and the cult). 🙂

If you come across reviews or news articles related to SADHU: SILENT ONES, please add the link as a comment to this post or email me using the CONTACT ME link.

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