Worklog and Other Updates from September

Whew! Just mailed in scripts of INDIA AUTHENTIC #7:YAMA, SADHU: THE SILENT ONES #3 and DEVI #15 (The arc finale).

Like the way SADHU:TSO #3 shaped up, most existential piece I’ve ever written (mostly deals with nature of reality, dreams as an expression of an ultimate reality and touches on the concept of the collective unconscious expressed via Dreamtime).

DEVI #15 wraps up the Karmageddon arc and all I can say is that (Russel Peters don’t sue me) “SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT”. As my editor Ron Marz puts it we’ve “amped up” the action to the Nth as Tara Mehta, the girl who became a goddess finally snaps under the straing of carrying a divine essence inside her mind and a much darker entity is spawned. BTW… look out for DEVI #14 later this month.

INDIA AUTHENTIC #7 that i just sent in tells the story of YAMA – the god of death. It was a kicker to write for Yama is one the cooler deities around what with him being the guide of every soul into afterlife. 😀


DEVI #14

All of them hit the stands within the next couple of weeks or so. So go buy my stuff… me hungee and now i got to think of a baby girl to feed by FEB (yeah! we got official word from the doc that it’s a girl)… 😀

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