Updates ahoy!!!!

whew! man talk about being swamped. September flew by and we are halfway through October now.

anyways Sadhu : The Silent Ones #2 and India Authentic #5 / Shiva are out as of 10th Oct 2007.

Now the big news :

DEEPAK CHOPRA presents INDIA AUTHENTIC VOL 1. BOOK OF SHIVA (ISBN-10: 1934413089 / ISBN-13: 978-1934413081) collecting #1-5 of the series is going to hit the stands on 17th Oct 2007. So swing by your comic book store and pick up a copy (btw, i think BORDERS is also going to carry copies so check there too 🙂 ).

DEVI #14 also comes out that day … Just one more issue left in the KARMAGEDDON arc after this and from what i have seen of the #15 thumbnails so far, it rocks big time. lot of stuff getting blown up and DEVI is going to change forever.

If you don;t believe me take a look at the cover image and draw your own conclusions. (Cover is by Luke Ross (SAMURAI : HEAVEN & EARTH). Click on the image for a hires version.

so go buy the books and help feed the oompa loompas that live in my keyboard and write my stories :D.

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