THE SADHU – THE SILENT ONES TPB now available in stores

THE SADHU - THE SILENT ONESWell, finally it’s out. This weekend at NYCC I got my copy of SADHU : THE SILENT ONES Trade Paperback collecting issues 1-5 of the miniseries I wrote. TSO continues the story of James Jensen, the british soldier who became a mystic and walked the path of the Sadhu as he searches for his son. He faces off with an ancient evil cult lead by a beautiful but deadly witch, The Grand Mistress of the Silent Ones. His quest takes him far beyond the limits of the mortal world as he pierces the boundaries between the physical world and the more esoteric planes of existence and discovers the true nature of reality.

Sadhu : TSO was fun to write as I got to play around with a lot of existential concepts. The cosmology of TSO tries to combine the Indian mystical concepts of Maya and Reincarnation along with the Australian Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime, reality as a set of interlocked / intersecting dreams of the collective unconscious.

You can either pick up the book at your nearby bookstore (which carries Virgin Comics) or buy it from Amazon here.

Do let me know how you liked (or did not like) the book. Drop me a line either via the contact page on this website or mail me at mohaps at gmail dot com.

Also if you find any reviews or articles refering to the book, feel free to post a comment here or drop me a line.

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