Benny Lava day @ SDCC (25th Friday)

By the power vested in my by the armored pundits and people who put the goat in there, I have hereby declared July 25thย ย (fri) at San Diego Comic-con ’08 as BENNY LAVA DAY. For those who came in late here is a look at “Benny Lava”.

Video Link
(in case you can’t see the embedded video above)

So if you are going to be at SDCC on Friday, join me in this ode to Minor Bun Engines, Pooping Oliver and Your broter Ed who loves to be inside, wearing a Benny Lava T-Shirt. Take your pick at CafePress and proudly flaunt your Benny Lava look. ( Looks like Zazzle also stocks Benny Lava stuff).

I’m in no way related to the folks selling the fine Benny Lava merchandise nor do I endorse them, I’m just another benny lava fan looking to spread the word.

Mail me your photos at mohaps AT gmail DOT com, videos and I’ll put them up here.

Help us spread the word, use this banner on your page

Benny Lava Day

Just copy paste this code into your webpage
<a href="" mce_href="" title="Benny Lava Day"><img src="" mce_src="" alt="Benny Lava Day" width="430" border="0" /></a>


Can’t stop the signal. ๐Ÿ™‚

G. Willow Wilson ( CAIRO, AIR ) has posted about Benny Lava Day on Standard Attrition — the Vertigo creators’ group blog.

Thanks Willow. May Benny Lava bless you with a finesse reserved for the looniest of buns. ๐Ÿ˜›


A Dave Lewis (LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, SOME NEW KIND OF SLAUGHTER) has also pitched in to promote Benny Lava Day on his blog.

Thanks A Dave — May you ninjas forever make their movements.

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  2. Anyone knows who the guy really is and where one can see real translations? Heard that he’s supposed to have really good texts…

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