[Doodle] Nana Patekar (Ab Tak Chhappan) homage

One of my favorite crime movies (and a major inspiration for Mumbai Confidential) has been “Ab Tak Chhappan” (Translation: 56 Till now) .

So this doodle is a homage to Encounter specialist Sadhu Agashe played by Nana Patekar. (Done from a photo ref, from the publicity stills for the movie).

About Mumbai Confidential

Mumbai Confidential is a crime noir comic book series created by writer Saurav Mohapatra (DEVI, SADHU, MUMBAI MACGUFFIN, INDIA AUTHENTIC, JIMMY ZHINGCHAK) and artist Vivek Shinde (PROJECT: KALKI, SNAKEWOMAN) set in (of course!) the Indian city of Mumbai.

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  2. Great job! Epic movie and one of the very few great performances by Nana. Great actor wasted away by our moronic directors. Yeh dekh hindu ka khoon aur musalmaan ka khoon…LOL…Compare that to some classics from ATC

    Tu airport pe aaja. Tujhe udhar hee thok doonga saale.
    Tere player ke saath live match chal raha hai naa mera.
    Yeh kya mahabharat ke character jaisa hasta hai saale?
    Main tera senior tujhe thokne bolega toh thokega ki nahie?
    Suchak saab ne jo bola woh karo phir.
    Ek din main hee tujhe thok doonga. Kya yeda hai re.

    Some funnies
    Drumstick, staple food!
    Spelling kya hai Fiancee ka?
    Saale teri biwi baahar gayee hai, tera toh chandi hai.
    Saale yeh toh Aishwarya ko jaake poochna padega. Hahaha!

  3. my personal fav. is the “Aishwarya ko poocch na padega” line. the context, the scene and what comes right after is classic Nana! 🙂

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