After The Rains – a 60 second short movie I made

Of late, I’ve been playing with vintage lenses on a modern micro four thirds mirrorless digital camera. Here’s a short film I made while trying out a vintage zoom lens (VIVITAR 75-205MM, 1:3.8 Close Focusing Zoom Lens / Canon FD mount) on a Lumix GX85.

Buying cheap used vintage lenses on eBay is kind of a hit or miss. I was initially bummed about the “hazy” footage on this one, however I realized that this added a bit of a character (I know, I know… #ClicheAlert) to the shots.

I’m still trying to learn manual focus, so I was also very excited to catch a hummingbird in action. I edited the test footage into a short 1 minute film.

Edited and Color Graded in Da Vinci Resolve 16 (beta 3)
Music: “Carpe Diem” by Kevin McLeod

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