WORKLOG for MAR 2008

Worklog for the month of march

  • DEVI #20
  • West Coast Customs Presents RYDERS (One-shot)
  • The Mumbai Macguffin (One-shot)


[digg-reddit-me]Okay hard at work on my three series plus some more goodies to come/be revealed later 😉

DEVI #17

Plus have started work on two hush hush projects 😉 will update more about those soon-ish.


DEVI next arc covers sneak peek

whew! The DEVI arc Karmageddon (#11-#15) is done. Saumin is hard at work on DEVI #15 as i posted earlier and that looks awesome.

We got some of the hottest artists on the block today to do some covers for DEVI next arc (#16-#20). (Yeah! I’m doing that one too 🙂 ).

First up is DEVI #16 and #17 covers by Luke Ross (SAMURAI : HEAVEN and EARTH).

DEVI #16

DEVI #17

For the next cover we have Eric Basaldua (WITCHBLADE / WOLVERINE, TOMB RAIDER). Tell me this does not look twenty kinds of hot 😀

DEVI #18

So if you are not doing so already, do pick up DEVI and give it a whirl.

Updates ahoy!!!!

whew! man talk about being swamped. September flew by and we are halfway through October now.

anyways Sadhu : The Silent Ones #2 and India Authentic #5 / Shiva are out as of 10th Oct 2007.

Now the big news :

DEEPAK CHOPRA presents INDIA AUTHENTIC VOL 1. BOOK OF SHIVA (ISBN-10: 1934413089 / ISBN-13: 978-1934413081) collecting #1-5 of the series is going to hit the stands on 17th Oct 2007. So swing by your comic book store and pick up a copy (btw, i think BORDERS is also going to carry copies so check there too 🙂 ).

DEVI #14 also comes out that day … Just one more issue left in the KARMAGEDDON arc after this and from what i have seen of the #15 thumbnails so far, it rocks big time. lot of stuff getting blown up and DEVI is going to change forever.

If you don;t believe me take a look at the cover image and draw your own conclusions. (Cover is by Luke Ross (SAMURAI : HEAVEN & EARTH). Click on the image for a hires version.

so go buy the books and help feed the oompa loompas that live in my keyboard and write my stories :D.

Worklog and Other Updates from September

Whew! Just mailed in scripts of INDIA AUTHENTIC #7:YAMA, SADHU: THE SILENT ONES #3 and DEVI #15 (The arc finale).

Like the way SADHU:TSO #3 shaped up, most existential piece I’ve ever written (mostly deals with nature of reality, dreams as an expression of an ultimate reality and touches on the concept of the collective unconscious expressed via Dreamtime).

DEVI #15 wraps up the Karmageddon arc and all I can say is that (Russel Peters don’t sue me) “SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT”. As my editor Ron Marz puts it we’ve “amped up” the action to the Nth as Tara Mehta, the girl who became a goddess finally snaps under the straing of carrying a divine essence inside her mind and a much darker entity is spawned. BTW… look out for DEVI #14 later this month.

INDIA AUTHENTIC #7 that i just sent in tells the story of YAMA – the god of death. It was a kicker to write for Yama is one the cooler deities around what with him being the guide of every soul into afterlife. 😀


DEVI #14

All of them hit the stands within the next couple of weeks or so. So go buy my stuff… me hungee and now i got to think of a baby girl to feed by FEB (yeah! we got official word from the doc that it’s a girl)… 😀

Worklog / Release Schedule for Aug '07

Just wrapped up DEVI #14 and Sadhu Silent Ones #2. Starting with the beat sheets for DEVI #15 and SADHU #3 along with the script for INDIA AUTHENTIC #6 : NARASIMHA.

Release Schedule for August


click for hires click for hires click for hires


AUG 22 – DEVI #13

click for hires click for hires click for hires

DEVI #12 / AHWAAN Released today (5th July 2007)

DEVI #12 / AHWAAN (The Call) released today (5th July 2007). This issue has Tara Mehta, the DEVI incarnate, tackling the more mundane world of organized crime with her divine combat skills. Features a cover by Tony Shasteen and art is by Saumin Patel.

DEVI #12

Written by: Saurav Mohapatra, Art by: Saumin Patel; Cover by: Tony Shasteen Editor : Ron Marz

She is Tara Mehta, avatar of the DEVI, a celestial warrior who hosts the essence of an entire pantheon. Forever torn between the divine and the human, she has found some semblance of peace in devoting herself to making a better world. But all that is about to change. As ancient specters of Armageddon awaken from their slumber, and the countdown to a final cataclysm begins, Tara comes face to face with her most formidable opponent: herself.

Worklog and other stuff

Well first of all been busy with some rush jobs on the virgin comics front. DEVI #12 pencils came in and I am pleased to say they are really HOT.

SADHU The Silent Ones #1 layouts have been finished and they absolutely rock.

Sent in the DEVI #13 first draft script and panel breakdowns for INDIA AUTHENTIC #5. This is the season finale for INDIA AUTHENTIC before the next arc and we wanted to give you something really special. So watch out for the solicits for IA #5.

Last but not the least, I bought a motorcycle, a SUZUKI Boulevard C50 cruiser in red and black.

This is my second motorcycle (I used to have a Honda Shadow VT 1100) and am looking forward to some sunny days this summer to ride it.