Ron Marz Talks Virgin Comics

Ron Marz (WITCHBLADE / TopCow, THE PATH / CrossGen, SOJOURN / CrossGen, SAMURAI : HEAVEN and EARTH / Dark Horse, GREEN LANTERN / DC) speaks about his upcoming stint on Virgin Comics as editor of the SHAKTI line that includes SADHU, DEVI and RAMAYAN 3K.

He is my editor for SADHU and DEVI and so far it has been a great experience working with Ron who brings enormous amount of experience to the table and is very patient with a greenhorn like me who more often than not botches things up biting more than he can chew 😀

BTW, even though he does not mention me by name, I am alluded to as the “writer from the exotic land of massachussets” 😀

You can read the full text of his interview here

India Authentic #1 / Ganesha featured in a french comics site

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a mail in my inbox the other day which was sent as a comment to the previous post detailing the previews for my upcoming Virgin Comics titles.

I am one that believes that great stories have no national boundaries and have an identity / resonance all their own. This was a pleasantly reassuring confirmation of my posit. 🙂

On Sunday, March 4, 2007, 09:41 PM, Marv, a reader from France writes:

Congratulations! I’m impatient to know some more about the Indian culture while reading comics!

I used these images on, the best French site on comics (news, previews, reviews, forums, etc.).

Its the place where India Authentic: Ganeshas comic French fans will come to talk ! ^^

Take care,
Marv, a French reader.

Thanks marv 🙂 and glad to know that the world is indeed flat 😀

The article (in French) can be read here

India Authentic / Ganesha shall hit the stands on 9th May 2007. you can view the Diamond Preview URL here.

DEVI #11 and INDIA AUTHENTIC #1 Previews are out (My First Solicits)

Finally they are here 🙂

I am writing three titles for Virgin Comics and they hit the stands in May 2007.

First one is of course Virgin’s flagship character DEVI #11 onwards which shall be hitting the stands 23rd may 07.

The second one is called Deepak Chopra’s INDIA AUTHENTIC which is a reimagining / retelling of iconic Indian myths. Issue #1 is on GANESHA, perhaps the most recognizable of the Indian Pantheon.

I was so excited about finding my name in the Diamond Comics preview catalog and immediately bought a copy 🙂

The third series i am writing for Virgin is their other popular character SADHU which I shall be writing from Issue #9 onwards.

Here is wishing the market likes my work on these, ’cause I have put in a lot of sweat and blood on these 😀

NOTE: Click on the thumbnails for hires images. These were quick scans and did not come off well

Indian Superman

This Version – From South india- Is VERY hard to find. Superman Looks Like ELVIS in this one! Classic NTR… check out the … err.. very very BUXOM “Lois Lane” and the “cutting edge” special effects. And catchy song too…

yentamma bullama shitamma chandrama supermannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
chikki chikki bumm bumm supermannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I laughed so hard I was f**kin weeping.

The Hunt for the Briar Pipe in Kolkata

I made a trip to Calcutta from 24th-26th Jan mainly for my visa application and also to attend the wedding of a friend.

I used to live in Calcutta during my first job (1999-2000) and it was a mized bag going to Calcutta again.

Try as I might I can never make sense of Calcutta nor make up my mind about the city.

On one hand you see filth and squalor. The grime sticks to you every hour you spend outdoors and the streets are overcrowded.

On the other, the city has a charm of its own. Just walking up and down the pavement from Rabindra Sadan to Esplanade and back you meet such a different cross section of people that it blows your mind. I love just walking around, haggling with the street vendors and buying stuff I am probably never going to use 😀

This time I had some time to kill before I collected my passport from the consulate and decided I shall hunt for a Briar Pipe and spent much time walking around, asking about where I can find it.

After a couple of hours of walking around, during which I found out assorted pirated pornography CD vendors, miniature handcrafted bongs (pun not intended) and pipes and about ten different varieties of BB guns/pistols, I finally followed a solid lead from the Bong (pun again not intended) Vendor into New Market located near Esplanade (or ‘Splanede as a Kolkata resident refered it to).

After some walking around and evading umpteen saree, salwar and gift shops selling porcelain curios, I finally managed to find an old fashioned Tobacconist shop called “TC Dutt – premier tobacconist and toys”.

They had a display of a large collection of pipes and cigarette holders from all over the world. I bought a Briar Pipe made of Burma Teak and some other gift items for my co-workers at dimdim ( I am leaving India soon and this seemed like the perfect place to pick up some going away gifts).

As is my habit I struck up a conversation with Mr. Dutt Jr. the grandson of the shop’s founder. We talked about pipes, tobacco blends and the death of the pipe smoker as most people switched either to cigarettes or gave up smoking.

In a blatant move to wring out some nostalgia discount, I told him a made up story about how the pipe was to be a gift for my grandfather who was a captain in the british army (this part is true. but my grandfather was a non-smoker and died three years ago).

Anyways we chatted about stuff and he ended up giving me a 30% discount on two briar pipes and two pouches of tobacco.

All in all that was the highlight of my stay at calcutta this time. I do feel a tad guilty about ripping Mr. Dutt with the cock and bull story about my grandpa, but I think it was worth it.

First Cheque

I received my first cheque as a writer 🙂 I mean I have been “paid” before but that usually was via paypal, but yesterday i received my first cheque from DNA-Me for my story ” PLACE OF MANY DOORS “.

What can I say! It is a great feeling. Whatever people might say abotu e-Money etc., there is no rush greater than holding a physical, tangible thing in your hand.

But the flip side is that I got to go to the bank and deposit it 🙂