Reviews for Graven Images – Religion in Comic Books and Graphic Novels Anthology

As I’ve mentioned before, I had contributed to an anthology edited by A. David Lewis and Christine Hoff Kraemer titled “Graven Images – Religion in Comic Books and Graphic Novels” (as a continuation of the aforementioned panel discussion at Boston University. Looks like it’s out from Continuum Books and available at Amazon.

A couple of reviews for the book:

  1. Gods in the panel by Rebecca Buchanan at Sequential Tart
  2. Review of Graven Images at Eternal Haunted Summer by Phillip A Bernhardt-House

Money quote(s):

“Moore and Morrison also share the stage in an essay from the first section, Saurav Mohapatra’s "Echoes of Eternity: Hindu Reincarnation Motifs in Superhero Comic Books, " where he deals primarily with Moore’s Supreme and Morrison’s Animal Man in a most intriguing fashion. Mohapatra is one of the several comics writers whose contributions to the volume enhance its appeal greatly.”Phillip A Bernhardt-House at Eternal Haunted Summer

Worklog update

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post. Just been busy. Not too many gigs to speak of. Most in progress are stuck with artists. One interesting bit though, just now putting finishing touches on a short story commisioned for an anthology based ona  favorite character of mine. Will post more details as soon as I’m allowed to.

In other news, got my San Diego reservations done. Looking forward to it.

 Some new Nine Panel Grid columns are also online at

HeavyGlow Anthology

My first ever published short story was a flash fiction piece for an e-zine called Heavy Glow edited by Stacy Taylor. I really enjoyed writing small less than 750 word pieces for Heavy Glow and also wrote/drew a serial graphic short/web comic strip (gritty b/w crime/noir shorts) for them. In short, I had a whale of a time. Stacy was very kind and helpful with critiques and encouragement and I really relished writing/drawing these shorts.

Now looks like some of the stories have been published in an anthology called “Heavy Glow Flash Fiction – 2 years of burning brightly” on It features some of my earlier short short stories (including one called PALINDROME which was a word prompt “story in reverse” contest winner and is one of my personal favorites).

Here are some excerpts from a review of the anthology about my HeavyGlow stories.

“Recharge” by Saurav Mohapatra – oh, I’ve been there done that. Very well done. The author perfectly captures a momentous moment in one’s life.

“The Unborn” by Saurav Mohapatra – this story gorgeously and heartbreakingly captures pivotal moments in an unborn life. This one hurt.

“Palindrome” by Saurav Mohapatra – inventive prompt results in an outstanding tale of broken trust.

Lulu Listing : HeavyGlow Flash Fiction: Two Years Burning Brightly (BUY) (REVIEW)