Trolling on GreatBong’s site – an interesting social experiment

Damn! This $shit is addictive. I’m trolling on GreatBong’s site posting as Jimmy Zhingchak. Basically I’m just copying pasting from postings on the review of Three Idiots that GB has put up pretending to be someone who speaks exclusively in SMS-es (“Lyf lyk gud” and all that).

Man, people do take the anonymity of the web way too seriously. The comments started as snide and gradually decayed into plain old assault and battery. I’ll just keep at it till I get bored. 🙂

Maybe there’s a column in this somewhere 🙂

[UPDATE: Obviously, I’m doing this with GB’s knowledge and with a fail-safe button he can press for me to stop anytime he wants.]

[UPDATE2: (11:44 EST) – now the abuses have turned personal and really bite-y. ]

[UPDATE-3 (11:49 EST) — now trying a direct confrontation route ]

[UPDATE – 4 (11:53 EST) — okay, now I’m officially bored. The funny thing was this post showed up as a trackback/ping on the thread I was trolling and every post I had made was linked back to this website. Still, I guess cyber cojones give steroid rampage level meanness to people (especially with all the anonymity). Halting social experiment. Will proceed if there are any other responses.

My favorite part was posting a completely out of context Sachin Tendulkar career stat 😀

So the interactive part of this experiment ends here. Thanks GB for being such a sport and allowing me to post/troll on that thread 🙂

Now I’m pretty sure, there’ll be responses to my earlier trolling posts even after I explained that I was trolling in this post.