Fatherhood, YouTube and Nostalgia

One of my oldest memories is listening to old songs on a LP disc player my father used to own. Cramped in a two room house way back in the early eighties, I remember listening half-asleep to songs that my father would play at a very gentle volume so as not to wake up the neighbors. Growing up they were my lullabies and I do miss them so much.

The other day on a whim I tried searching for some old Oriya movie songs on YouTube and I came up with this gem

Took me a moment to realize but I do remember this song. For a moment I was five years old again. Half asleep in a small room way back in time, a time when I knew peace, a peace that comes with the innocence of childhood.

Now that I’m going to be a father myself I find myself wondering what would be the sound my daughter would fall asleep to? would it be the clatter of a keyboard that she’d remember growing up or would it be the chime of a cell phone ringtone? Maybe when she is growing up I’ll play her the song, maybe it’ll be worth something to her as well 🙂